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    Leading fabrication of the "first bio-intelligent secure switching platform"
    Our first solution to counter one of many threats we each face, cybercrime.
    Targeting all aspects the "attacker's advantage"
    Techniques no modern threat can circumvent for long
    A world with stronger deterrents
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    Security as a Service

Pragmatik IO Group, Inc. ~ An Innovation Wellspring

Producing solutions that attack spectrums of threat and their tradecraft in order protect data and those it belongs to.

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Our employees to be the best they can be by sharing our innovation and products with our inventors and team.


In sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers.


The return to the stockholders while still maintaining quality in our products.


  • Cyberflage™

    Security as a Service

    Cybercrime is a multi-billion dollar economy fueled by monetary goals and driven by highly opportunistic intent, at its core. To date, cybercriminals have managed to evade and bypass every security product that has been deployed across enterprise networks; using both simple and sophisticated tools, tactics, and procedures. This has become commonplace in our world, as corporate policy and legal opinion lead a retreat farther within the enterprise to build bigger walls by adding more reactive tools.

    Our tack is that your enterprise is compromised and currently under remote control of a unauthorized intruder. Cyberflage takes aim at intruders operating within the castle walls versus attempting to fire upon intruders at the castle's gate. Once inside a victim's network an intruder will discover and perform reconnaissance on the surrounding networks. Opportunistic and targeted persistent threats each have capital in both human and technical resources that can be hurt and cause enough pain to disrupt and alter their desired course, to continue the breach.

    Cyberflage, designed to attack the man and the method versus machine and malware, by deceiving the remote attacker's perception and situational awareness of the victim network. Utilizing "ownership of the battlefield" and dynamically shaping the terrain as the biggest tactical advantage of any security defender.


Our focus is to train members of your security team to be prepared to detect, identify, and respond to post-breach attacks, when an attacker is operating using unauthorized tools and tactics to maintain remote access to the victim network enterprise, with real-life examples on the intelligence and operations functions, as well as the concepts of counter-deception going beyond "identifying attacks and attackers" to "tactical psychological warfare and deception operations".

Counterdeception is a component of counterintelligence and is defined as "Efforts to negate, neutralize, diminish the effects of, or gain advantage from a deception operation." This is an operationally oriented definition that emphasizes mitigating deception's effects (like surprise) and exploiting knowledge of the adversary's use, understanding, and access to the remote victim's network.

Our series of courses offer a new series of tactically viable best practices for those seeking new roles in "Offensive Deception".


  1. Security Awareness Training
  2. Incident Response & Breach Damage Assessment
  3. Cyber Security Risk Assessment
  4. Malware Counter-Operations
  5. Grand Theft Info - Black Market Economies
  1. Certified Ethical Hacker Preparation
  2. Electronic Funds and Financial Systems Exploitration and Abuse
  3. Identity Fraud and How It Works, "Who are you?"
  4. Threat Intelligence and Research Best Practices
  5. CyberHound - Cyber Theat Hunting and Targeting
  1. Certified Ethical Hacker Test Preparation (CEH)
  2. Certified Cyber Counterintelligence Systems Analyist (C3SA)
  3. Certified Cyber Counterintelligence Systems Developer (C3SD)
  4. Certified Cyber Counterintelligence Systems Specialist (C3SS)
  5. Certified Cyber Counterintelligence Countermeasures Expert (C3CE)
  6. Certified Cyber Insurance Risk Underwriter (CCIRU)
  7. Certified Cyber Insurance Risk Analyist (CCIRA)


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VP QA & DevOps

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